Первая в Германии студия ментальной арифметики, интеллектуального развития и скорочтения. Мнемотехника.

Intellekt Start - Programs 
for children 2,5-4 years

Early Childhood Development Program

An opportunity to attend lessons every day 

Lesson duration: 1 to 4 hours

135  / month

Intellekt Start - Programs 
for children 2,5-4 years

Early Childhood Development Program

An opportunity to attend lessons every day 

Lesson duration: 1 to 4 hours

10  / hour

What is Intellekt Start?

Lessons for children 2,5-4 years

Small groups up to 8 children

Safe and playful atmosphere

A place where a child is loved und understood

Training methodologies that care about child well-being 

Holistic development of intellectual, creative and physical abilities 

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Our  aim

To assure the hapiness of the children and the teachers as well as to assist the parents in unlocking the child's personality

Child development courses

Intellekt Start focuses on all aspects of a child’s intellectual development: social, creative, verbal, digital, spiritual, physical, sensual, numerical, spatial and verbal intelligence

2,5-4 years 

The basic objective of this age group is — socialization. Children learn to communicate and get along with each other. In addition, they learn about new things by playing exciting games. 

  • Toddlers in class actively develop linguistic center through specific parts of the palms. Finger gymnastics and fine motor skills work together to prepare children for developing speaking skills.
  • Dexterity and movement coordination in game-playing exercises help children to foster "a healthy mind in a healthy body".
  • While developing communicative skills, children begin to feel more confident in meeting new people and within a new environment.
  • Gradually toddlers learn to share, negotiate, show compassion — that is how they develop social skills which help them to make friends.
  • Children learn about new things in short games that alternate with fun breaks.
  • Kids increase their active and passive vocabulary and become familiar with numbers and letters.
  • Children happily try to work with various creative materials.
  • Toddlers develop their musical taste thanks to listening to classical music every day during class.

At this age, children actively prepare for adulthood. They strive to be independent and learn to take on new responsibilities.

  • Within our playful environment children develop speaking skills, do speech exercise. This way they can talk about their great ideas and accomplishments clear and understandable.
  • Furthermore, they become familiar with numbers and acquire basic arithmetic skills, which helps children to better understand the css116 around them: for example, recognize familiar bus numbers, maintain a record of all their toys 😉 — adult-like!
  • They learn letters, develop reading and writing skills — it is so important for them to show their parents that they can already read and recognize labels and logos, such as those
    from toys, road signs, community signs.
    or household items. As their reading skills increase, they gradually begin to read words presented separately from the label.
  • What is more, kids gain knowledge about the world and different natural phenomena, for example, the change of seasons, seas and continents, the human body. Thus, they get a chance to shine a light on their knowledge and agility.
  • Even though kids at this age still have some difficulties perceiving abstract tasks, each classroom game is interesting for them — visual materials, colourful textbooks and teachers' masterful storytelling don't leave children indifferent. 
  • But most importantly, kids learn to communicate with their peers without conflicts, think for themselves and speak on a variety of topics.

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Club der frühen Entwicklung des Kindes  

Intellekt Start - Kids 2,5-4 age

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